HAO Rust Driver

Hao Rust Driver ($150.00) is a 60's Marshall Plexi simulator in a box built by a japanese company... I's a good, practice and simple circuit with few controls...

HAO Rust Driver
"The HAO Rust Driver recreates the classic sound of a late 60's Marshall Plexi running at full bore grind. The HAO Rust Driver's carefully selected components perform faithfully with any amplifier at any volume. The result is a commanding tone with a tight, thick bottom and extremely low signal to noise ratio. A single knob controls output level and gain while three switchable EQ curves maximize tonal options without compromising your guitar sound. When you want that "Plexi Sound," the Rust Driver is an affordable, reliable, portable alternative to the real thing."

Below there is my Hao Rust Driver pcb layout with millenium 4049. You can try use another caps in the toggle switch if you dont like the way of these caps sound... you can also use a pot for tone insted of a switch... and I don't know which is the original IC, but any dual opamp works ok, then you can test and use one that fits your taste ....people tried use one potentiometer for gain control but this change was not good cause the pedal dont sounds plexi like if you change the gain amount... so i think is better do like the original...

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